Fit By Tahys Gives Back With Reach Outreach

Fit By Tahys Gives Back With Reach Outreach

Why it is Important for my Business to Give Back

5 years ago I had my first job and I have been in sales up until 2014. I have always been passionate about sales. However, while working in sales at my first job I always seemed to want to help others who were on the floor and had no idea what they were doing and prone to getting injured so I would get in trouble for not focusing on my job and helping others.

One day I decided to get up and ask one of the trainers at my gym what drove him to become a trainer and he told me that training completely redirected the attention away from him to another person and it was a rewarding job.

Ever since I had an epiphany and  I realized my calling was not to sit back in a chair and compete who can make the most sales rather than help others. I quit my job and my boss told me if I wanted to be a trainer I had to stop working and get my personal training certification. At the time I had bills to pay and I did not have mom and dad as a back up if I failed.

I went home that same day and purchased the material necessary to pass the test so I can do what I love. Never have I ever been so focused and determined to do anything in my life. The underlying motive for me here was I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do.

I unplugged for 2 weeks and turned my phone off and studied all day with a break in between to work out and clear my mind, recharge and study again. I took the test and I was so discouraged I barely passed after studying so much. However, I went back and I studied more and I made flash cards and had my family quiz me. Finally I  went back to take the test for the second time and I passed it, I was thrilled!

Fast forward to a year later when I moved to Seattle to work at 24 Hour Fitness. I was training my clients but there was something missing. I was only with them 50 minutes 2-3x a week but I did not have control over what they were doing or eating the rest of the week. So I decided to offer them custom meals tailored to their goals. They got faster results in combination with my strength training.

Shortly after I was making more money with my meal delivery business than training at the gym making minimum wage and barely getting by working 60+ hours a week. The gym started having an issue with me selling my meals. Then and there I decided I needed to take a risk and do this instead and I got a commercial kitchen.

Little did I know after taking the risk of quitting my job and leaving to do what I love my life would change. Now I can enjoy time with my family and have a  balanced life. After slaving away every week making meals for people since 2015 who didn’t have the time to cook but wanted to eat healthier on a daily basis.

2 months ago I got invited by Reach Outreach to volunteer feeding the homeless at Pioneer Square on a Saturday. I always have left over food from my business every week and I have wasted so much food. This made so much sense to me instead of wasting food to give left over meals to those in need. After my first Saturday having the opportunity to give back to my community. This experience was more rewarding than anything else I have done in the past. I felt like I belonged there and glad that my business could help our community.

At the end of the day we are family and everyone has their own story how they got where they are. I certainly have struggled  before and I have been helped by my family. Some people don’t have someone to fall back on and are one pay check away from being homeless unlike others.

If everything went south for me my parents are no longer in the country and my brothers have families so the option of me turning to them for help financially is no longer an option. Realizing this makes me want to give back even more because at the end of the day when you are in your death bed no matter how much money in your bank account you have the experiences and the people you have helped and changed their lives for me is a great fulfillment to know I did great things.

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